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39th Annual Clearwater Rodeo Aug. 17-19 2018

Join SBSC for our 39th Annual Clearwater Rodeo on August 17th, 18th & 19th 2018!

Grounds Rental - 3 Of A Kind Benefit

The Silver Bullet Saddle Club would like to thank the 3 Of A Kind organization for renting our club grounds this past weekend.  Here are some photos of their event set-up:

Wedding Rental of the SBSC Grounds

Here's a few more photos of our grounds that were rented for a wedding!  Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

Wedding photos (rental of SBSC grounds)

A special thanks to Todd Thornton for sharing photos from their beautiful wedding held at our grounds this past summer.  Congratulations!

Please visit our 'grounds rental' page for more information on renting our club grounds for your event.

How are we doing??

Would you like to share how we are doing at our SBSC events?  We'd love to hear your feedback!  

Please post below or send us an email at

Silver Bullet Saddle Club

2015 Rodeo Feedback from our FANS

I am extending our family's appreciation to you and your organization. It was our family's first Rodeo and very glad we picked your event. To start off with the young man jumping over the fence to take a picture of their first cowboy, to the clown giving McKenna a high-five and picture pose together, to getting drawn for mutton bustin and being able to  participate, to Russ for taking our information (even though he lost it) and today receiving the medal and t-shirt in the mail. Super exciting moment for her to open a package addressed to her and seeing that wide smile of glee when she seen what it was. THANK YOU FOR NOT BREAKING A CHILD'S HEART! She wore it all day. Please make sure everyone gets a thank you. I have enclosed three pictures to share with you.

Our Appreciation

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